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      born on christmas day 1975. baer spent his childhood growing up in Kimberly, Wisconsin. often spending weekends up in the sticks of wisconsin's national forests aaron first began his love of music from campfire and bedtime songs sang by his father. in his high school years baer was pursuing art and theater rather than music.in 1996 baer moved to OSHKOSH, WI where he spent 5 years in higher education studying music recording technology and pusuing musical composing. his greatest influence musically was a man he met named LIL' REV(milwaukee, WI) with his guidence and the support of his  friends and brother, aarons musical career started. after a long stint with rock band SUBLIMINAL SHIVER (bass)and his first folk/blues duo FAST EDDIE AND THE BAER, aaron found himself for the first time attempting music alone.
       this did not last long...for he soon hooked up with JEFF MITCHELL and NATE LEHNER and formed oshkosh's one and only JACKSON STREET POLECATS! music finnaly took a place in BAER'S life. over the years BAER has build up a creditability with fellow musicians and recorded a few independent albums.
       this past summer aaron has seen much of the road...between his new band "sheamus fitzpatrick and the mcnally boys" and the polecats he has been across the country and in ever nook and cranny of wisconsin, recently playing Irish Fest and ol' time music fest.
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